Montessori Academy Of Chapel Hill Class Room

Testimonial From The Purvis Family

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  1. Sandra says:

    I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with John’s first week of school. He did great and seems to love it. It has gone better then I could have hoped for. You really run a lovely school.

    Thanks again and we look forward to school next week.

  2. Becka says:

    “We thoroughly enjoyed having Ellie at MACH and feel that she really progressed and
    developed more confidence and independence as a result of her time there. We appreciated all of the teachers interest in her specific development and their individual attention to her needs.
    We were also thrilled that they were as excited as we were with her progress and enjoyed
    assisting her individually as well as within the group setting. We would certainly recommend MACH to other Chapel Hill families!”


  3. Carmina says:

    Laura is absolutely thriving at Montessori Academy Chapel Hill. She wakes up excited every school morning and then comes home in the afternoon bursting with stories and thrilled with her day. She has been learning so much — her teachers are simply wonderful, and have a way of being able to teach her things I never could, from simple tasks like putting her shoes on, to more complex skills like numbers, letters, and puzzles. I just love to see how proud she feels of herself, and we’re really proud of her too!”

  4. Ruili says:

    Our son, Lucas, is one of the students that stayed with Montessori Academy of Chapel Hill from the very first day of its operation. We were initially attracted by its Montessori teaching philosophy without knowing much in detail. As time passed by, we were delighted to see the rich curriculum of the school and it is getting more so as the school continues to grow. Thanks to the thoughtful teachers, the kids are playing and learning different things with joy everyday. For example, we were really surprised that Lucas showed us his Yoga poses at home one day, and the other day counting number fluently in Spanish. He has been enjoying the activities at MACH so much that he expects Monday to come early on every weekend, which is a drastic contrast to the time when he was at his previous day care center. Another big plus for us is that MACH locates right next to UNC campus, which is very convenient for me to walk in. In all, we are grateful to the excellent work of all the teachers and MACH, and we are happy to stayaround.

  5. David & Deanna LaMotte says:

    Dear Tom, Nancy & Janice,

    Thanks so much for taking such good & loving care of Mason these last 2 years! He’s been very happy at MACH, and we are sad to be taking him away from such a positive environment. I hope you and the school continue to thrive.

    David, Deanna & Mason LaMotte

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